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Southeast Georgia Communities Project (SEGCP)

300 S, State Street

Lyons, GA 30436

Hours of Operation: Monday to Wednesday 9 AM- 12PM

(912) 585-3072

Thursday and Friday by appointment only

Phone (912) 585-3072

(912) 245-2001 

Fax: (912) 526- 0089

Andrea Hinojosa- Co-Founder and Director

Corina Florez- Program Director

L&R Tax and Accounting Services

Lisa Anderson

Board of Directors

Gloria Jackson, Chair

Maudie Anderson

Lorenzo Riggins

Anna Delgado

Gwen Mitchell

Amelia Reyes

Maria Esparza

Mary Galbreath

Harry Ziggler 

Office Volunteers:

Jesus Hinojosa

Lisa Anderson,

Cathy Smith 

Mary Galbreath 

Claudia Herrera 

All staff are 100% volunteers. Your contributions are not used to pay anyone's salaries. So, make your contributions to our agency and help us help others in need. 

Directions to SEGCP

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